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Mold Remediation Tips for Your HVAC System After Mold Treatment

If you have recently treated your home for mold, it is crucial to take steps to protect your HVAC system. Mold spores can easily become airborne and travel through the ventilation system, which could cause the mold to return. 


In this blog post, we will provide tips on protecting your HVAC system from mold and ensuring that your home is properly ventilated. 


The first step is to have your HVAC system professionally cleaned. This will remove any mold spores that may be present in the system. You should also consider changing your air filters regularly, as this will help prevent mold spores from circulating through your home.


It is also vital to ensure that your home is properly ventilated. You can do this by opening windows and doors regularly to allow fresh air to circulate. You should also consider using an air purifier in your home to help remove mold spores from the air.


Ensure anyone servicing your HVAC system is wearing an N-95 respirator mask, which will protect them from inhaling mold spores.


Have your HVAC professional inspect and test your system regularly to ensure it is functioning properly. This will help prevent mold growth in your home and keep your family safe from its harmful effects.


Replace anything porous, such as filters or insulation that has become wet, and remove any standing water as soon as possible to prevent mold growth.


Make sure you use an EPA registered disinfectant labeled for HVAC use to clean non-porous surfaces (ductwork, coils, plenums, pans, etc.) of mold, mildew, and other dirt. 


If you have treated your home for mold and taken steps to protect your HVAC system, you can rest assured that your family will be safe from the harmful effects of mold. In addition, you can ensure that your home is properly ventilated and free of mold spores by following these tips.


Mold remediation is a critical process to keep your family safe. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you ensure that your home is safe from mold. In addition, it’s essential to have your HVAC system checked regularly to extend your unit’s lifespan and ensure you have the proper unit for your space. 


The VIP Plan from Air Rescue is designed with these needs in mind. Whether you have one unit or many units at your business, this plan will ensure that all equipment is well-maintained by our expert technicians, who know how to get the job done right!


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