Real Estate Tip: Inspect the HVAC System!

In part due to the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, both the real estate market has spiked well into 2021. Individuals all across the country began to buy and sell homes of all varying sizes, taking the opportunity afforded by a global lockdown to renovate dated aspects of their dwelling and relocate to their next house.…

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june 4

Keeping Cool Without Overworking Your Air Conditioner

Whether it’s jumping into a refreshing pool or gazing at a long sunset, summertime usually brings us the best memories. However, some days, the summer weather can be overbearing, and we find ourselves escaping indoors, grateful for air conditioning.  With heating and cooling costs accounting for 50 percent of a home’s energy bills, according to…

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june 3

5 Tips To Avoid HVAC Repair Scams

At Air Rescue, the trust we’ve built with our customers is our highest priority, who’ve told us that don’t want to be taken advantage of by shady HVAC companies or fly-by-night repair guys. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you tips to avoid common HVAC scams, preventing air conditioning repair ripoffs.   Make…

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june 2

Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Summer

When we think of air pollution, we have images of cars idling in traffic or factories billowing smoke. While we are aware of outdoor air pollution, we don’t often think of indoor air pollution. Improving indoor air quality during the summer can be just as challenging as improving outdoor air quality.  Here are some tips…

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june 1

Tips to Save on Energy Bills While Working from Home

Nearly 30% of working professionals would quit if they had to return to office after the pandemic ends. This statistic should be of no surprise as the benefits of working remotely have essentially added to the quality of our lives. From developing closer relationships with our families to adapting to new technologies, the benefits of…

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Five Ways to Pest-Proof Your HVAC System

Though spring brings life, greenery, and some much-needed warmer weather, it also brings something you may not want to see: pests. While pests may not necessarily be coming into your house, they could be living around your home in small nooks and crannies they see as shelter. That’s why you should pay extra attention to…

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