Understanding Ductless Air Conditioning

Understanding Ductless Air Conditioning

Switching out an old cooling system or AC is a time-consuming process. That’s why it’s essential to do your research before to understand how each system works and how it will benefit your home. But first, let’s get down to the basics, what is a ductless cooling system, and what are the benefits?


What It Is  

A ductless cooling system is sometimes known as mini-splits. Their primary purpose is to connect rooms to the outdoor compressor with an indoor unit with coils chilled from the refrigerant. When warm air from the inside reaches the system, it gets absorbed and released into the outdoor unit. With the help of ductless cooling systems, homeowners can decrease intrusive installations from long ductwork intertwined throughout your home. 


Benefits of Ductless Cooling Systems 

  • Easy Installation: One of the top benefits of ductless cooling systems is it’s reasonable installation, especially compared to other units. Ductwork is expensive and often requires invasive insulation that could damage your home. 
  • Placement: You can place your system on the floor, ceiling, or anywhere of your choosing. With integrated zoning, you can keep watch of your home’s temperature. You understand your home, and it’s airflow more than anyone else, so being able to strategically place your ductless cooling system can increase airflow and quality. 
  • Quiet: Unobtrusive insulation and presence. No annoying or loud noises will keep you up at night form your ductless cooling system. 
  • Energy Efficient: The mini-split system contracts all the air in so there aren’t any leaks, unlike regular ductwork that lose around 20-30 percent of its energy in the ducts. 


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