Do You Need UV Lights For Your AC?

Do You Need UV Lights For Your AC?

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many companies, businesses, and service providers have been creating new and innovative ways to keep your environment as clean and sterile as possible. Keeping your surfaces clean is certainly important, but taking the extra step to make sure your air is clean and free of any airborne contaminants can make a noticeable difference. Adding UV Lights, or ultraviolet lights, to your AC or HVAC system is an easy way to take your air filtration to the next level. 


What Do UV Lights Do for My AC System?


Though UV lights can be harmful when making direct contact with humans, it is a very effective and safe way to filter air circulating through your air conditioning system. When adding it to your HVAC, UV lights are typically added within the evaporator coils, where bacteria and debris tend to build up. Ultraviolet lights are then shined on the air, killing airborne bacteria, mold, and germs, and preventing anything bad from circulating through the air you breathe. 


The use of UV lights in an AC system has been proven to improve the quality of air your air system puts out. In a 2018 study at Columbia University, specific UV lights were proven to kill the flu virus in the air. Additionally, UV lights, when used in a hospital patient’s room, were able to clean the room in as little as 20 minutes. Though the size of your HVAC unit and room will affect the size and amount of UV lights you need, the addition of UV lights to your home AC system is a great way to maintain clean air and environment. 


What Kind of UV Light System Can I Get?


There are two different UV Light systems you can install in your AC system: 


  • Air Sterilization. UV lights are put in the ducts, allowing the air to be filtered by the UV light as it goes through the return ducts. This is considered a more “effective” way to filter your air, as the light is able to reach all directions the air may circulate. 
  • Coil Sterilization. UV lights are installed at “problem” areas of the AC system, such as cooling coils and filters. UV lights target these areas to get rid of any germs or bacteria in hard to reach areas. 



What is the Cost of a UV Light System?


The cost of a UV light system can have a range of answers, depending on the UV light system you choose. Bulbs can range from about $70-500, though there are great options available around the $100 mark. Installation is quick, though, unless you are a skilled technician, we recommend hiring a professional to install your UV lights, as well as your air conditioning unit. 


If you are interested in adding UV lights to your HVAC or Air Conditioning system, trust Air Rescue Air Conditioning to do the job. Located in the Tampa Bay area, Air Rescue has been providing reliable, high-quality, and affordable service for over 70 years. For more information, visit our website or call us at 813-358-3431. 



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