Heat Pump Benefits for Florida Residents

Living in the Tampa area is already so toasty that not many people wouldn’t expect a Florida home to have a heat pump. However, switching your HVAC to a heat pump can actually benefit you and your home. The occasional low temperatures and consistently hot temperatures are perfect for a heat pump! Like an HVAC, they also produce your home’s cooling, giving you the best of both worlds. Read below to learn more benefits on heat pumps. 


5 Heat Pump Benefits 


1. Hot & Cold:

The Florida heat is usually above 40 degrees, so homeowners don’t think they need a heating unit and an HVAC instead. Heat pumps are actually better than HVACS, because air conditioners only cool your home, while a heat pump can perform both tasks. Heat pumps are also perfect for Florida’s conditions because they generally can’t handle too cold of weather without installing a back-up. 

2. Save Money:

Heat pumps will actually lower your monthly heating bills in half. Warm air is brought in from the outside, instead of electrically generating it. So it’s just transferring the air throughout your home without having to create any. 

3. Environmentally Friendly:

Heat pumps reduce emissions by finding the most eco-friendly way to convert energy into heat electrically. It doesn’t matter where you get your electricity from; with a heat pump, your carbon footprint will reduce regardless. 

4. Air Quality:

One of the top qualities of a heat pump is that there is no risk of a deadly carbon monoxide leak. This is because heat pumps don’t use combustion. Your home’s air won’t dry out, perfect for asthmatics and allergens. 

5. Comfort:

Don’t forget your comfort when thinking about getting a heat pump installed. As stated above, heat pumps can create hot and cold air, creating the perfect Florida weather atmosphere. 


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