Is Your Furnace Triggering Your Allergies?

Is Your A/C Unit Triggering Your Allergies?

Did you know the air quality in your home can be directly connected to your health? This year more than ever when health concerns are at the forefront of everyone’s mind keeping yourself and your loved ones as healthy as possible is not only ideal but necessary. Here are some common triggers when it comes to your HVAC unit and allergies. 


Air Filters

If you aren’t replacing your air filters regularly, they could be one of the main sources of your allergies. Regular HVAC maintenance takes care of cleaning your air filters which can improve the air quality in your home. If you’re unsure of which air filter to replace your current one with, you should be able to contact your local HVAC company about what air filters are right for your home and keeping allergies in check. 


Mold in Your AC Unit

There are different parts of your AC unit that are prone to humidity and moisture, which are two things mold needs to thrive. These spots include the drip pan, air ducts, and evaporator coils. While this may sound serious, HVAC technicians are specially trained to detect mold in different spots of your air system and plan the best course of action you can take to resolve the problem. 


Pet Dander and Pollen

It’s easy for polluted outside air to enter your home and cause allergies to flare up. If this is something your notice, especially with pet dander and pollen, try using HEPA filters to help trap these unwanted pollutants. This specially made filter uses a fine mesh to catch and trap unwanted particles in the air, meaning the air you’re breathing inside your home is healthier for you and your family! If switching to this type of filter seems like the right move for your family (and getting rid of your allergies) consult your HVAC technician to make sure your system is up to date to handle this new type of filter. 


The life of your air conditioning and the health of your family depends on regular system maintenance. Changing your AC filter is an easy way to keep your indoor air clean prevent costly repairs to your air conditioner. If you have any questions about when or how you should be changing your air filters, contact the professionals at Air Rescue. For more information visit our website or call us at 813-358-3431. 



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