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When it comes to making big life decisions, the first thing you do is get a second and third opinion. So it makes sense that you would apply the same logic to big purchases. But what about home appliance purchases, like your HVAC? When is it necessary to get a second opinion?


For small repairs and emergency situations, getting a second opinion on your AC unit replacement or repairs isn’t necessary. However, you should definitely get a second opinion on major repairs and replacements to make sure you’re making the right move with your A/C, and what service you should trust. Getting a second opinion will help you make the most informed decision, giving you insight on things such as: 

  • Price. One of the biggest reasons that you should get a second or even third opinion on HVAC service is to make sure you’re getting a good price. While most HVAC services are good, honest companies, some, unfortunately, could be running a scam, overcharging you for parts and services on lousy jobs. Reaching out to multiple companies will give you the range for what is industry standard for what you need. Remember: the best value doesn’t necessarily mean the best job!
  • Diagnosis. If you can get more than one company to come to give you an estimate, then you should definitely do so. It’s possible that you could have been given the wrong diagnosis on your HVAC system, which will lead to even more problems down the line. It’s also possible that one company could be quoting you for an entire replacement when really all you need is a repair. 
  • Sizing. More than 80% of homes have improperly sized A/C units, and most of them are way too large. Make sure you’re getting an A/C unit that is the proper dimensions for the size of your home. Some companies will try to upsell you on a larger system, but remember: bigger isn’t always better!
  • Service. Meeting with a technician or even just talking with them on the phone will give you a good sense of what the company is like. A conversation will give you an idea of if a business is honest and reputable, and if you’re comfortable trusting them with your HVAC needs. Does this seem like someone you want in your home or business? How is their attitude? How do they respond to questions? These are all things you’ll want to get to know before you put your A/C unit in their hands. 


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