Air Conditioner


Great things often come in small packages. When a child is born, it is tiny and vulnerable, but there are few things in this world more beautiful and precious. When ordering a meal in a restaurant, an amuse-bouche before your meal arrives can completely steal the show, delighting your mouth with just a delicate taste. Even in this holiday season, where presents are on the mind, sometimes, the best gifts don’t necessarily come in the largest boxes; after all, think of everything that can fit in a small box (a car key, a piece of jewelry-well, the list goes on and on!)


Believe it or not, for many homeowners like you, this same philosophy can also apply to air conditioners. A large air conditioner doesn’t automatically mean that it will work better to keep your house cool and refreshed. In fact, many smaller units are perfectly capable of keeping you and your family comfortable during the warmest times of the year. 


Need further convincing? Or are you convinced, but you’re now worried that your air conditioner is too large for your house? Here are a few signs that will let you know your current air conditioning system is simply too large.


Your Home is Humid

Without proper dehumidification, in your home, you are putting your home at risk of severe water damage and mold infestation. On top of that, your home’s interior temperature will simply be uncomfortable! If you feel that your home is humid when it shouldn’t be (AKA, when the air conditioner is running) chances are your current air conditioner is oversized for your house. It’s best to replace it with a smaller sized system sooner rather than later. 


Your System Malfunctions

If your current air conditioner runs for approximately 20-minutes and cools your home adequately in that amount of time, that means the system is the correct size for the size of your house. But if your system short cycles, or only runs for a few minutes before automatically shutting itself off, chances are it is oversized. According to Climate Design, a large air conditioner carries more cooling power than what is required for a small space, so the system is running through its cooling cycles too quickly and, in the process, not doing a proper job of keeping your home cool. 


Your Bills Are High

The above process consumes a lot of energy if you don’t automatically notice your system shutting itself off after 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes, pay attention to what your monthly energy bills amount to. If what you owe is significantly higher than it has been in the recent past, there is a good chance your air conditioner is too big for your house.


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