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Though spring brings life, greenery, and some much-needed warmer weather, it also brings something you may not want to see: pests. While pests may not necessarily be coming into your house, they could be living around your home in small nooks and crannies they see as shelter. That’s why you should pay extra attention to pest-proof your HVAC system.

HVAC systems and units, especially condensers that live outside of your home. Pests, rodents, snakes, and insects see it as a great place to shelter themselves, and if you don’t take care of your HVAC unit, you could be attracting pests without even knowing it! Here are five ways to pest-proof your HVAC system from a trusted HVAC company:

  • Seal Ducts. Make sure you seal any cracks, holes, and gaps, especially those that are big enough to let pests in. Any opening will be an invitation to pests to come live in your condenser!


  • Screens. Air vents that lead from outside to the inside of your home are easy places for insects and mice to crawl their way inside. The simple solution is to add a mesh screen to it to prevent pests from coming in. You should also add screens onto flue covers for the same reason.


  • Reduce Moisture. Look around your condenser and make sure there aren’t any puddles of water or condensation around it. Water will attract pests, bringing them right to your HVAC and ultimately.


  • Cleaning. Take your spring cleaning to the next level and clean your HVAC condenser! Get rid of leaves, debris, and other trash that could be prime places for hiding snakes, mice, and other pests. Remember, things like this around your condenser will only continue attracting pests to your HVAC system!


  • Regular Maintenance. As always, make sure you have regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system by a professional so they can check for any pests living in your HVAC that you don’t know about. They can also help you make a pest-control strategy to further protect you from any more pests coming, and evaluate your current methods to see if there’s anything more you can do to make your methods better.

Think you have pests in your HVAC system? Call Air Rescue to come take a look! With over 75 years of experience in the industry, we know not only how to remove pests, but the best ways to keep them away in the future. Whether it’s a scheduled appointment for maintenance or an emergency call, one of our 75 experienced technicians is ready to serve you. Visit our website for more information or give us a call at 813-358-3431.


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