Should Your A/C Be Set to On or Auto?

Should Your A/C Be Set to On or Auto?

If you’ve ever played around with the thermostat in your home, apartment, office, or business, then you’ve probably noticed the option to turn your A/C “on”, or to set it on “auto.” Though both will obviously regulate the cool air going through your house, what’s the difference, and which is better for your home? Let’s dig into it!


Setting Your A/C to On

Turning your A/C to the “on” function allows for uninterrupted airflow of cool air, no matter what the temperature is inside or outside. 

  • Pro: By leaving your A/C on all the time, you may actually be increasing the lifespan of your HVAC unit. This is because your A/C unit won’t be cycling on and off as much, meaning less wear and tear.  
  • Con: Leaving your A/C on all the time will (obviously) result in a much higher utility bill. A 500-watt air conditioner consumes as much energy as a full-sized refrigerator, leading to an extra $50 a month on your energy bill!
  • Pro: Having the air on will give you a more even distribution of hot and cool air, meaning fewer hot and cold spots throughout your home.
  • Con: Even though you won’t get too much wear and tear from cycling on and off, you will have wear and tear on the blower motor from running all the time, leading to more repairs than you may think. 


Setting Your A/C to Auto

Setting your A/C to the auto function will turn your central air system on when a cooling cycle begins. Once your room reaches your desired temperature, the system will turn off until the next cooling cycle begins. 

  • Pro: Auto settings will allow you to save more money on your energy bills since it’s not running when you don’t need cool air. 
  • Con: Since the air will turn off when it has reached your desired temperature, you may notice more hot and cold spots in your home due to less air circulation. 
  • Pro: Save energy! Your system will only use energy when the cooling cycle is on, meaning less energy used and more efficiency.
  • Con: Your filters may get dirtier faster, due to the air being continuously cleaned every time it’s on. However, you may view this as a pro, since replacing your filters means cleaner air throughout your home!


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