What is the Right A/C Unit for You?

An air conditioner is an important investment in your home, particularly in Florida. However, we tend not to think about it until the heat of summer kicks in or it suddenly stops working. Furthermore, there are a number of A/C unit options available, so knowing what air conditioner is best for your home may take a bit of exploring. Consulting with a trusted professional before making your big A/C purchase will assure that you select the unit that is best for your home, keeping you cool while saving on energy consumption. Below are some considerations for you to bear in mind. 


Types of Air Conditioners


Most newer homes have central air, which generally refers to air conditioning that is pumped through a home via ductwork. In terms of cost, installation is higher than other options, but this is offset by the savings you’ll enjoy in energy efficiency. Ductless air conditioning technology is also becoming more popular now and is one of the most efficient A/C systems available. They can be used when putting an addition on a home, like a sunroom, or in cases where 2nd or 3rd floors are not getting proper airflow. In both cases, a major benefit, of course, is that it keeps the entire home cool and comfortable, not just a single room or space.  


Heat pump systems are an excellent A/C option. The name is somewhat misleading in that heat pumps are actually very efficient cooling systems. They work by emitting hot air outside during the summer, reversing the transfer of cold air outdoors during the winter. They have become popular in recent years because they are quiet and environmentally friendly.


Window A/C units are an option in cases where central air is not available, like in older apartments. The unit sits in a window, pumping cool air into a room while it pumps warm air outside. The initial investment is lower than central air or ductless A/C, but they are not as efficient. 


Finally, portable A/C units are also an option that allows you to take it from room to room. They typically sit on the floor and have a duct that extends out a nearby window. These also are not as efficient as central air or ductless A/C but may be a good choice for an apartment or other location with limited space.


Other Considerations


Choosing the right A/C involves a number of factors. The size of your home and output needed may be the number one issue, but others include the following:


  • Weighing your upfront investment budget against long term efficiencies and savings.
  • How noisy the unit is.
  • Features you may want for convenience or energy efficiency, like compatibility with smart thermostats or fan-only options.
  • Warranty options – remember they are not all created equally.


Be sure to consult an HVAC professional for expert advice on the right A/C unit for you.  


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