Why Your A/C Unit Is Leaking Water

Why Your A/C Unit Is Leaking Water

Is your A/C unit leaking water? Or, are pools of water forming underneath your unit? Before you get too worried about your leaking A/C unit, you should know the difference between normal amounts of water coming from your A/C unit, versus when it’s time to call a technician. 


When your air conditioner is running, it is normal to see some water leak in the form of condensation. Puddles of condensation may form beneath the unit, but it will typically dry up within a day or two. This could be because you’re keeping your thermostat at a low temperature or it is a particularly hot day outside wherever you live, and your A/C is working extra hard to keep the temperature down inside. However, if you’ve noticed that your air conditioning has been leaking water for more than a day or even longer, it may be time to call a professional technician to have your A/C inspected. Your A/C may be leaking for reasons such as: 


Clogged Condensation Drain

The condensation drain helps bring debris and condensation out of the unit, so if it’s clogged, backed up, or at all blocked, water will not be able to be drained properly and could cause your unit to leak. 

Broken Condensate Pump

Like the condensation drain, the condensate pump literally pumps water into the condensation pan. If it is at all broken, the pan will start to fill up and water will begin leaking out. 

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter will cause your unit’s coils to freeze over. As your coils begin to melt, the water will drip down into your unit, which will make the water overflow from the condensation pan.  

Cold Temperature Outside

Another thing that may cause your unit’s coils to freeze over is if you are using your A/C unit when the temperature outside is too cold. If the temperature outside is 60 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, your coils are likely to freeze up.

Refrigerant Low

The last thing that can cause your coils to freeze is if your unit is low on refrigerant. Make sure your A/C is up to date and has enough refrigerant, and if not, just call your technician to add more refrigerant. It is an easy fix that many people overlook!

Disconnected Drain Line

Over time, it is possible for your drain line to disconnect just from use. If it gets too loose, it will disconnect and cause leakage from your A/C. 

Faulty Installation

New A/C units and systems shouldn’t be leaking too much water immediately. If your new system already has a leaking problem, it may be due to faulty installation or improper sizing. 


Though leaking water from your A/C may be stressful, fixing it doesn’t have to be. Air Rescue has been providing quality HVAC repair and installation in the Tampa area since 1946. Our community can rely on us for the highest quality of service for unbeatable prices coming from experienced technicians and electricians. Trust us to provide you with the best HVAC service, so you’re comfortable all year round! For more information, submit a request or give us a call at 813-358-3431. 







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