How To Cut AC Power Consumption Without Replacing Equipment

Florida’s excessive heat usually, unfortunately, means a higher energy bill but with a few extra steps throughout your day, you could cut the costs for your next electric bill. Read below to learn how you could cut your energy bill without getting any new equipment. 


5 Ways To Keep Cool & Save Money 


1. Air Circulating Fans:

This may seem obvious, but a ceiling fan or box fan can increase air circulation to help keep you cold. Ceiling fans are especially suitable due to their height. Don’t forget to turn your fan off when you’re done using it to save extra money. 

2. Electric Thermostat:

Smart and electrical thermostats can help you save on your electric bills. You can set these thermostats to work at certain times of the day, like when you’re not home or when you might want the AC to work less hard. Smart thermostats usually have an app where you can change your home’s temperature right on your phone from anywhere at any time! 

3. Avoid Certain Appliances:

If you know of an upcoming day that will be especially hot, limit your usage appliances that create heat. A stove can generate a lot of warmth and cause your air conditioning to work harder. 

4. Shut Your Shades:

The darker, the better! A dark, well-shaded room can reflect the sun from the outside, keeping 45% of the sun’s heat out. Upgrade your shades to reflective for even more coverage. 

5. Clear Airflow & Ducts:

Clean ducts means better airflow. Maintain your air ducts by cleaning your air filter. Find the vents in your home and make sure that no furniture is covering any ventilation. 


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