How to Get the Right Sized Air Conditioner for your Home

You’ve heard it said plenty of times that bigger is better. And in many cases, that is true! A big, hearty feast is the best way to stay fuller for longer than a meager meal. The larger the paycheck, the more comfortably you can pay your expenses (and still have some leftover to treat yourself with!)

But, there are some circumstances where bigger isn’t always better. It isn’t ideal to have a large, outstanding balance on a credit card statement. If a part of your body is aching, a small pain is much easier to cure than a large one.

And believe it or not, this can also be the case when it comes to your home’s air conditioner. Many assume that a larger unit means that their home will automatically be cooler. But some smaller units can be equally as effective, if not more so, than air conditioners that are defined as “bigger.” All you have to do is understand what size air conditioner is ideal to keep your home the cool and relaxing environment it needs to be. Here are a few ways to ensure you are getting the right sized air conditioner for your home:

Evaluate How it Currently Operate

The purpose of an air conditioner is to not only cool down the rooms of your home quickly, but it should also remove any humidity in the air. An air conditioner should also run seamlessly and without interruption. If these things are happening when you turn on the air conditioner; congratulations! Chances are your unit is properly fitted for your home! If you find the interior of your home is still humid and that your air conditioner frequently stops operating, chances are the equipment is oversized and is using a significant amount of energy-energy that will end up costing you money.

Consider the Square Footage

The most significant factor when it comes to determining what size AC unit you need is the square footage of your space and we couldn’t agree more! In general, the smaller space, the smaller the amount of power needed to keep things cool in the house.

What Home Features Could Make an Impact

Does your home have a basement? Do you think that the home is properly insulated from outdoor elements? Does your home receive a lot of natural sunlight in the daylight hours (probably, considering our Florida weather!) These are all the questions you need to ask yourself when evaluating if your home has the properly sized air conditioner. While a basement and proper insulation should naturally make your home cooler, the presence of sunlight alone could mean that a larger unit is required to keep you comfortable indoors.

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