Is your HVAC System Protected from Power Surges?

Florida residents are no strangers to ideal weather. More often than not, the forecast is made of endless sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Yes, it’s days like these that make our climate the envy of much of the nation.

But every climate certainly has its downside, and for us, it’s our severe storms. A sunny day can quickly transform into dark and cloudy skies; calm breezes can become blistering winds without warning. All of these weather scenarios and countless more can lead to power surges in your home. 

At the very least, the loss of power in your house is an inconvenience; after all, it’s hard to keep food from spoiling in the fridge without it staying cool. It’s nearly impossible to cook dinner for your family without lights on in the kitchen. And that Netflix binge session you were planning? Well, you can kiss that goodbye! But at the most, having an expensive appliance, like an air conditioner, that is not protected from a power surge can mean you pay substantially for a replacement.

You have insurance coverage for your car, your health, and even your life-so why would you not ensure that your home’s insurance coverage protects you from power surges? Believe it or not, according to MT Mechanical, most standard homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover power surge damage to basic home appliances. That’s why, a simple and inexpensive investment now of a surge protector for your HVAC system will not only protect your air conditioner from potential damage, but it acts as an extra insurance policy for this valuable operating system. 

It’s important to also remember that a power surge doesn’t always come in the form of one large storm or a lightning strike. If you lose power multiple times over the course of less severe storms, this means that over time, the engine on your HVAC system will wear down at an alarming rate. The simple solution to prevent premature deterioration of your air conditioner is to purchase a surge protector.

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