How To Get Energy Credit From A New AC System

How To Get Energy Credit From A New AC System

Did you know that upgrading your AC to be more energy-efficient can help you become eligible for an energy tax credit? Energy Credit is back in 2021 and could help you save money! Read below to learn if you’re eligible!


Energy Credit: What You Need To Know 



Upgrading your AC can help improve its efficiency and can help you easily transition to renewable energy. If you switched to renewable energy before 2018, you are still qualified for the Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit that was created in 2011. 

Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit:

This tax credit only applies to HVACS upgraded in 2011 through 2017. It helps you get back 10% of your energy costs. 


By using renewable energy, you are now able to get The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit until December 21, 2021. The tax was renewed! 

What This Tax Covers:

Geothermal systems, fuel-cell technology, solar, and wind systems are all covered by the tax and will return 30% of your cost! 

Why You Should Switch To Renewable:

Help improve the environment in and outside of your home with renewable energy. Renewable energy is not only good for your budget but good for your health. Emissions can cause issues to the air around you, making asthma and other allergens worse. 



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