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How to Tell if Your AC is Running Efficiently: 5 Easy Tips

Summer is still in full swing in Florida, which means one thing for homeowners: air conditioning. If you’re like most people, you want to ensure your AC is running as efficiently as possible to keep your energy costs down.


In this blog post, we will give you five simple tips to help you tell if your AC is running efficiently. Keep reading for more information:


  1. Check your energy bills. If you notice that your energy costs have been increasing, even though you haven’t made any significant changes to your AC usage, this could be a sign that your AC isn’t running as efficiently as it should be.


  1. Listen for strange noises coming from your unit. If you hear banging, grinding, or squealing sounds from your AC, this could be a sign of an issue that needs to be addressed.


  1. Inspect the evaporator and condenser coils. Clean coils indicate your AC unit is running efficiently. If these coils become dirty, it can cause your AC unit to work harder than it needs to, leading to higher energy costs and decreased efficiency.


  1. Clear the area around your AC unit. Ensure the area around your AC unit is clear of debris and obstructions. If leaves or other objects block the airflow around your unit, this can cause it to work harder than necessary and decrease its efficiency.


  1. Check your AC filter regularly and replace it as needed. A clogged or dirty filter can restrict airflow and cause your AC unit to work harder than necessary, leading to higher energy bills and decreased efficiency.


We recommend scheduling regular maintenance appointments with a qualified HVAC technician to ensure your AC runs efficiently. During these appointments, the technician will clean your unit, check for any issues, and make necessary repairs, helping extend your AC’s life and keep it running smoothly.


We hope these tips have been helpful. Please contact Air Rescue today if you have any further questions about AC efficiency or would like to schedule a maintenance appointment. We would be happy to help you!


If you want worry-free maintenance on your heating and cooling systems, let us show you how we care for our customers! Contact us today for more information about our VIP Program.


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