My AC is Running But Not Cooling?

My AC is Running But Not Cooling?

A working AC unit is a necessity in Florida. Warm, sweaty nights can make it hard to fall asleep, especially when you thought you turned your AC on before bed. A lot can go wrong with your unit. Anything from a dirty filter to needing a new part can cause your AC to run but not cool. Read below to learn the common signs of a broken air conditioner. 


5 Common Reasons Your AC Isn’t Working 


1. Dirty Air Filters:

Dust, pollen, and mold often gets clogged in air filters and don’t leave enough space for cold air to go through. This is an easy fix! All you have to do keep your air filters up to par with the proper cleaning precautions. However, over time, the trapped cold air can cause your evaporator coil to freeze and create a bigger problem for your AC. 

2. Refrigerant Leaks:

Evaporator coils are the central part of your AC that cools your home. They trap in and absorb warm air, converting it into a gas. This process is hard to keep going if the compressor doesn’t have enough refrigerant or a refrigerant leak. If you notice there isn’t the usual amount of cold air blowing your home, a refrigerant leak could be the main suspect. 

3. Incorrect Thermostat Setting:

The most effortless checkup you can do if you think your AC isn’t cooling your home enough is to make sure your thermostat is at the right setting. This may seem obvious, but many people tend to put the thermostat on auto instead of cool. 

4. Compressor Isn’t Running:

Compressors are another essential aspect of your HVAC. Compressors transfer refrigerant to your evaporator. From there, the evaporator absorbs all the heat to create cold air and release them to the vents. After the refrigerant vaporizes, the leftover heat returns outside. Without the compressor, the refrigerant won’t be able to cool down, and the air in your home will only be warm. 

5. When To Hire A Pro:

Regular maintenance and cleaning filters can help your AC, but if something significant breaks down, like the compressor, you need to hire the pros. Here are some other reasons you may need to hire a professional for air conditioner repairs: 

  • Condenser break downs
  • Frozen evaporator coil 
  • Purchasing a new AC 
  • Yearly air conditioning maintenance 


When you call on Air Rescue, you can be confident you will receive superior service and affordable pricing. Our highly qualified team can provide the necessary repair, maintenance, or service quickly, and we are always ready to respond in case of an emergency, too, 24/7. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 813 612- 5600. 



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