Protecting Your A/C Unit From Storms

Protecting Your A/C Unit From Storms

Living in Florida, you know there’s always going to be another storm! Stay prepared this year and learn how to protect your AC unit from the elements. Intense winds and water can negatively impact your unit and can cause costly damages! Read below to learn how to prepare your air conditioner for the next big storm. 


A/C Storm Preparation Tips

  • Turn Off Power: If there’s a big storm, shut off the breakers for your AC. If you don’t, you are at risk of an electrical fire if there’s a power surge. This can result in a deadly fire or costly damages on your AC, risking your own safety and your wallet.
  • Secure Your Unit: By tightening the bolts that hold your unit, you can ensure that intense winds won’t cause any damage. However, if your unit is in a window, you should remove it completely and take it inside. If there’s an approaching hurricane on your radar, consider installing hurricane straps for the extra safety. 
  • Cover With Tarp: Finally, cover your unit with a tarp or some other kind of durable material that can handle harsh weather like strong winds. Some other materials to consider are plastic, plywood, and metal. There are even covers specifically made for your unit that you can purchase, as well. Not only will it protect from water damage, but from any chips and scratches from loose debris. 
  • Inspection: Before a big storm, if you have the slightest doubt in your AC unit, you may want to hire a pro to have a quick inspection! You never know what could go wrong! 


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