R22 Refrigerant Replacement

R22 Refrigerant Replacement

If you have air conditioning or an air conditioning unit in your home or business, chances are it was using R22, or Freon, as its refrigerant. Although R22 has been the industry standard for most A/C systems for decades, it was recently made illegal to be made or imported into the U.S. because of its damaging effects on the environment and the earth’s ozone layer. As of January 1, 2020, production of Freon has come to a full stop, and servicing of R22 systems has become limited to recycled or pre-existing quantities of R22.

With the stop of production of R22, it leaves many A/C owners and technicians with the same question: what do I do with my air conditioning system now? Fortunately, even without R22, it is still possible to have functioning air conditioning without making too many changes. Here are some of the professional-recommended R22 replacement options:


Recharge Your System

If your A/C system still relies on R22 as its refrigerant, it is possible to recharge your system with one of the recycled or stockpiled amounts of R22. This will keep your system operating as normal, however, because R22 is no longer produced, it is extremely expensive to access. Recharging your HVAC system with R22 will cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to do.

Alternative Refrigerants

Because of the Environmental Protective Agency’s findings on the damaging effects R22 has on the environment, many scientists have developed alternative refrigerants that are compatible with R22 A/C systems. These options include R-134a, R-507, R-404A, R-407c and R-410A. Many of these choices are readily available to many HVAC companies and come at affordable prices without destroying the environment. R-421A is particularly successful and has come to be known as the leading refrigerant in the industry.

Replace Your HVAC System

It may be more cost-effective for you to replace your HVAC system altogether. Paying for a new system seems like a daunting and expensive task, however, with all the new energy-efficient, smart HVAC options, you may be able to make back a significant portion of what you spent on installing a new system. A/C systems today use 30%-50% less energy to produce the same amount of air conditioning as old systems, and Energy Star systems will use another 15% less than standard machines of the day. The savings on your energy bill may be worth the investment for you, especially when considering the lasting effects your actions will have on the environment.


No matter how you adapt your HVAC system to accommodate new R22 guidelines, let Air Rescue take care of all your heating, ventilation, A/C repair, or installation needs. As a leading HVAC provider in the Tampa area, we offer service with the highest level of customer service and professionalism from experienced industry professionals. To learn more, visit our website or give us a call at 813 612-5600.



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