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How Do You Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature?

Many people have a specific temperature that they find is the most comfortable for them in bed. Discovering what this temperature is can often be difficult, especially if you are sharing your room with someone else who might have their own preference for how warm or cool they like things at night. However, there are some simple ways to figure out what works best for you, so read on and learn more about determining your optimal sleep temperature. 

Experts agree the ideal temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep is 60 – 67° F. Here’s how temperature affects your zzzzzz’s:


Sleeping in a room that’s too hot

When you’re too warm, your body temperature decreases, and this leads to restlessness. If the bedroom is hot or humid, then it’s likely that you will experience more trouble sleeping as we crave an environment where our core temperatures can return towards normal levels.


Sleeping in a room that’s too cold

Temps in the mid 50’s and below can potentially disrupt sleep. If you’re too cold, curl up under a mountain of blankets which may raise your core temp to levels that could cause night sweats or interrupt restful slumber.

Here are some tips from the Sleep Foundation for keeping your room cool in the hot and often humid Florida temperatures so you can get the perfect night’s sleep and feel well-rested the next day. 

  • Close the blinds to reduce heat build-up during the day
  • Move downstairs during the summer
  • Turn down the thermostat at night
  • Use a fan or air conditioning in hot climates, or a hot water bottle on cold nights
  • Open the windows to promote ventilation
  • Control bedroom humidity
  • Reduce sweating with a breathable mattress, sheets, duvet, comforter, pillow, and loose-fitting pajamas
  • Take a warm bath12 an hour or two before bedtime to encourage a natural cool-down effect


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