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What Can Void Your Air Conditioner’s Warranty?

In our traditionally warm state of Florida, a high quality and smooth running air conditioning system is crucial. To the average Floridian household, your air conditioner runs without you ever giving it thought; however, it is unlikely you realize that you could be accidentally voiding your AC warranty!

There are several common mistakes homeowners make that void the warranty on their AC unit, and then when the time comes for a repair or a new installation, nothing is covered and it costs them thousands.

While we at Air Rescue do know that eventually, you will need AC tune-ups, we like to save our customers money where possible. We want to highlight those common AC warranty-voiding mistakes here to prevent them from happening to you!


DIY Gone Wrong

At one time or another, nearly every homeowner considers performing a do-it-yourself utility maintenance project as a way to save money. Some even research how to do maintenance themselves as a way to avoid paying for a warranty to begin with!

With a warranty, there is no reason not to call an authorized service technician when repair work is needed on your AC unit. Many warranties are voided when you do not have an experienced HVAC professional handle a repair and likewise, if you were to buy a random replacement part, this also causes AC warranty troubles.

Search engine schooling may work for some DIY projects, but certainly not HVAC. By bringing in trained and authorized service technicians, you are guaranteeing that your repair is done to the utmost standard and it will likely be covered by your AC warranty.


Don’t Forget To Register!

Too frequently, clients receive a new AC unit and promptly overlook one simple step: registering their warranty. It sounds like a simple mistake, but it causes a much worse ripple effect!

After we install a new AC unit, our service team will discuss your warranty with you and ensure that you register it. We have serviced several clients in need of AC tune-ups who unfortunately never registered their warranty, making it void before it was ever activated.

AC warranties differ depending on the unit, which is why we make sure you are covered in the event your new unit breaks prematurely or needs a repair down the road. Most warranties can be simply registered online, so make it a top priority.


Air Rescue For Maintenance

Regular maintenance by an HVAC team is an integral part of a valid AC warranty as well. Not only does having a team like ours do frequent system checks to keep your AC unit in good operating condition, it can prevent you from voiding your warranty unknowingly!

The choice is clear! Air Rescue can help you with everything from maintenance checks on your HVAC system to a complete and affordable install of a new, quality AC unit. Call us today at 813-358-3431 for any HVAC assistance you may need, and remember to refer a friend to earn $100 as a thank you from us!

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