Understanding the Most Important Parts of Your HVAC System

Understanding the Most Important Parts of Your HVAC System

You may know how to work the thermostat on your HVAC unit, but do you know anything else about your HVAC system? Though you can definitely leave the installation, repair, and replacement of your HVAC system to the pros, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still know the most important parts of your HVAC system and understand exactly what they do. Ultimately, understanding the function of those parts will help YOU hire the best HVAC service and repair company possible!


So what are the important parts of your HVAC system, anyway? Here’s short a list and a brief summary of essential HVAC parts that you probably hear often: 



The thermostat is the most user-compatible and frequented part of your HVAC system. Your thermostat will help you control the temperature inside, and can be manually controlled or programmed. Thermostats have come a long way in recent decades, and the market now has better thermostats than ever before, making them “smarter” and more controllable than ever before.


Simply put, the furnace heats the air that goes throughout your entire home, business, or office. The furnace can heat the air in a variety of ways before it gets sent throughout a building, such as solar energy, a heat pump, electric resistance, or even combustion.


Ducts run throughout your home and are what transport the heated or cooled air inside. Ducts typically run in your walls or ceilings and go to vents, and are usually made of aluminum or steel. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your ducts, as any problems with your ducts will cause major problems in your HVAC system. 


Vents are very related and similar to ducts, but unlike ducts, you actually see vents in your home. Vents connect to the ducts and are the rectangular outlets you see in every room. This is what allows the conditioned air to come into rooms. They are typically found on the ceiling or the floor and are made of metal that can withstand extreme temperatures. It is also possible to manually control the amount of air coming out of the vents, as well as the direction the air is going in, with a small handle on the side of the vent.


When any part of your HVAC system breaks down, call a trusted company like Air Rescue to fix it. With 75 licensed and highly trained electricians, we are prepared for any emergency and pride ourselves on our high level of service. It’s no wonder we’ve been so successful for 75 years! Visit our website to submit a contact form or give us a call at 813-358-3431.







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