How to Improve Air Flow in the Office

It’s hard to get much done when the air is off. Whether it’s dirty, hot, stuffy, too cold, or drafty, bad air quality can affect your mental and physical health. And according to the World Green Building Council, air quality can decrease office productivity by 11%. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the airflow in your office is in tip-top shape, and the air quality is at its absolute best. 


Improving the air quality in your office is much easier than you think, and often requires very little supplies, prior knowledge, or experience. Here are some of the simplest and best ways to improve your office airflow: 


Air Cleaning Devices

Invest in devices made to clean the air, such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, or air scrubbers. 


Cleaning the Workplace

Of course, cleaning your workplace will help improve the air quality of your workplace. This will eliminate any bacteria, pollutants, or dust from getting into your air system, and prevent any blockages.


Changing Filters

Changing your HVAC filters will ensure dust, debris, and anything else that could potentially clog your air system will be removed, preventing it from getting sent back through the air. Blockages will also prevent air from circulating through, so new air wouldn’t be able to be filtered properly. Plus, maintaining your air filters will keep your costs on air down.


Manage Air Circulation

Make sure that furniture and other fixtures aren’t blocking any of the air vents or grilles. Plan your space so that air vents have enough room to access the air, and that your furniture is placed so that it can be cleaned regularly and easily. You may also consider redesigning the plan of your HVAC system so that it is most effective for the size of your office. 


Proper Air Tests

Air tests will give you information on the quality of the air so that you know where and how to improve. This may include humidity, mold, airflow, ventilation, and water damage levels. Knowing what’s wrong is the first step to fixing the problem!


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