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The Dos and Don’ts Of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioner maintenance is necessary to get the most out of your unit and HVAC system overall. Practicing good do-it-yourself upkeep is helpful and will likely allow your air conditioning system to serve you well.


However, it is valuable to note that while general maintenance and upkeep of your air conditioning unit and overall system can be handled by you, they are complex machines that have several features better left understood by professional teams like Air Rescue.


So how do you know what can be taken care of by you and a little do-it-yourself mentality, and what should be better left to the professionals? Having been in the business for 75 years, Air Rescue has these two categories detailed below!


What You Can Do

As a homeowner, what you are primarily capable of doing to your air conditioner is all preventative maintenance, generally constrained to simple, surface value preventative measures. For instance, one easy yet profoundly effective way to maintain your system is by keeping the exterior unit free of debris.


If your system does not seem to be working during the warmer months, checking on the battery life of your thermostat is a do-it-yourself starting point in troubleshooting. If you have a dead battery, the system is essentially placed on ‘pause’, as there is no command for it to cool your house down. Keep new batteries handy to replace the old ones, as they will fail when you least expect it.


Thirdly, use common sense and simply check over all areas of your system without disassembling anything. Are any wires frayed or switches broken? How about the sound of your system? Does something sound mechanically off to you? 


What Is Not DIY-Recommended

Outside of D-I-Y preventative maintenance mentioned above, there are much more ‘under the hood’ factors at play with your air conditioning system. By using common sense, if something sounds suspicious or smells off, it’s time to call in a specialist.


A professional team like that of Air Rescue not only has the proper equipment to locate an issue, but the expertise necessary to avoid causing more damage. Too often, D-I-Y desires take homeowners down a path where they actually wreck their system, which can go beyond a minor inconvenience and actually be dangerous to their safety.


When something smells strange, you could be dealing with a gas leak. In this case, it is especially important not to tinker with trying to fix it and instead, shut off your system and call for emergency service. Let a service technician identify where the gas leak is, and they will both repair it and ensure everything is back to proper operations.


Air Rescue For Air Conditioning Replacement

When a repair far exceeds your do-it-yourself capabilities, be sure to call a team you can trust. Air Rescue services the Tampa Bay area with air conditioning unit repair and replacement, along with yearly tune-ups and preventative maintenance.


For more information, visit their website or call 813-358-3431 to talk to a specialist today.

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