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In Florida, it’s hot and sunny for most of the year. So how big of a deal is an incorrectly placed thermostat? It’s actually worse than you might think. Direct sunlight shining on your thermostat is bad for your whole HVAC system because it means your thermostat can’t correctly read the interior temperature. Here’s the toll direct sunlight can take on your HVAC system:


Direct Sunlight Can Contribute to False Readings

If the thermostat for your HVAC system happens to sit in the path of direct sunlight, it can give an inaccurate reading. A thermostat works by sensing the temperature in a specific zone of your house. When the sunlight is constantly beaming onto it, the temperature will start to rise. While the air in your home could be at the target temperature, the thermostat itself is going to heat up in the sun, tricking your system into thinking it needs to cool down the air. Naturally, this will cause your AC to cycle on and off endlessly, putting needless strain on the system and causing your energy bill to soar.


Direct Sunlight Can Damage Your Thermostat

Over time, UV rays can damage the plastic components of your thermostat, making the casing cloudy and hard to see through. If you have a digital thermostat, you might even notice the screen turning black or spots showing up in certain areas. If you’re having trouble reading the temperature because of this, you’ll basically lose all control over your HVAC system. You’ll never have any idea if it’s functioning correctly or what you have it set to.


Sunlight Heats Your Home

Many Florida homes that aren’t insulated or sealed well can be heated up by the sun’s strong rays. Your HVAC system will try to compensate by running longer, but if hot air just keeps leaking in, the system will never get a break. If any part of your HVAC system is in the path of the sun’s rays, you may also notice that the air coming through the vents feels warmer than usual. It’s best to keep all parts of the heating and cooling system, including the thermostat, in an area of the home where it won’t be in the direct path of the sunlight.

Don’t let the sun burn through your energy bills. If your thermostat’s placement is impacting your HVAC system, give Air Rescue a call at 813-358-3431 for a professional consultation.