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We are lucky enough to live in a warm state, which means we often turn up our air conditioners to stay cool and comfortable in our homes. The problem is that an expensive monthly electric bill for your air conditioner may not be what you want to deal with! Luckily, there are ways to naturally cool down your home to help save you money and keep you comfortable year-round. Here are some natural cooling remedies for your home. 

  • Close your blinds

Closing your blinds can make a huge difference in the comfort of your home. On north-facing windows, close your blinds at night; your home will be cooler when you wake up. During the hottest times of day, keep them closed for an extra cooling effect! Also, consider investing in some black-out curtains to protect against those harsh sun rays.

  • Block the heat

To save money on cooling, it is essential that you prevent heat from getting into your house in the first place. The best way of doing this is using shade windows and walls with external coverings like blinds or awnings. Plant deciduous trees that act as a shady canopy over your home but still let light through.

  • Adjust ceiling fans

If you are looking for a more cooling effect with your ceiling fan, make sure it rotates counter-clockwise in summer. Then, in warmer weather, set the fan speed high.

  • Close doors and seal gaps

Closing doors to rooms you aren’t using is an excellent way of conserving energy. Seal gaps around your house’s doorways and windows for when it gets really hot outside, so that cool drafts don’t escape into other areas of the home.

  • Go outside at night

For those who have been cooped up all day, you can find relief from the heat outside after dark. Open your home to cool breezes by locking doors and windows when you go out for dinner or a night on the town – just make sure not to leave anything valuable inside!

  • Sip an icy drink

Drinking icy-cold drinks, applying a damp cloth to your neck and other pressure points on the body, or having a cold shower helps cool you down without needing an air conditioner!

  • Consider cotton fabrics

Cotton fabrics are the best way to keep cool during hot summer days because they allow your body’s sweat glands to quickly release water from its surface. Light, loose clothing made of breathable material like cotton will be most comfortable for you during the heat. 

  • Change your lightbulbs

When you can’t cool your home, it’s time for a change. Why not try energy-saving bulbs? They’ll save on costs and help keep the temperature down!

  • Stay out of the kitchen

Running powerful indoor cooking appliances such as your stove or oven will make the air conditioner work harder, creating additional heat. Instead, consider grilling outdoors or making a dish that doesn’t require your stove or microwave. 

  • Consider a lighter roof

A lighter color roof is better for reflecting ultraviolet rays, limiting heat absorption. If you’re in the market for a new roof and want it to keep your home cool during the heat, a lighter color roof is the answer. 


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