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Can I Recycle My Old AC Unit?

Responding to growing concerns about the environment, you might be wondering if you can recycle your old air conditioner unit. Regardless of the type, all air conditioners contain some form of refrigerant. Air conditioning units are especially detrimental because they use hydrochlorofluorocarbon 200 (HCFC), which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says is an ozone-depleting substance (ODS) that could destroy the ozone layer if released into our environment. 

You might be able to make some extra cash by selling your old air conditioner. However, if you’re not sure which system is best for disposal, there are a few things that will help narrow down the choices.

Bounty Programs

Do you have an old air conditioning unit sitting in your garage? You might be able to get some money back if it’s taken care of by this special program sponsored by local or regional utility companies. The EPA says appliance owners receive “bounties” when they turn in their old units and make sure recyclers remove them for free! There may also be rebates or discounts offered toward purchasing new higher efficiency models.


Local Disposal Programs

Disposing of old appliances can be done in different ways, depending on the type and location. If you don’t know how to dispose of them properly, then make sure that it needs preparation before disposal by calling your local sanitation department or taking an appliance somewhere where they will handle these things for free.


Disposal Through Your Retailer

When buying a replacement air conditioner, check with the retailer first. Some merchants may provide this service as part of their sale; others might give you extra discounts if they know that the old model is headed for disposal.



One option is donating your old AC unit to a local charity. Additionally, when you donate this appliance, you get tax credits for doing so. Another way people have been recycling their AC units successfully in recent years has been by seeking out an organization that reused parts instead of throwing away metal scrap.


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