Let’s settle this once and for all: what is the ideal temperature for your home? In Florida, summers are hot and humid while winter is far more temperate than other parts of the country. Yet, couples everywhere still arm wrestle over how warm or cold their dwelling should be.


Air Rescue is here to present a thermostat fact: there is an ideal temperature for both air conditioning and heat that facilitates comfort for everyone, along with efficiency tailored to save you money on your energy bill.


While statistically, somewhere between 74 and 78 degrees while inhabitants are home is said to be the ideal AC temperature a household should aim for while being efficient, there are variables to consider that can help both comfort and efficiency.


Activity Versus Slumber  

A body in motion tends to stay in motion… and heat up like a car engine. In terms of energy efficiency, during your active waking hours, keeping your thermostat closer to the 78 degree mark is recommended.


That probably seems high, especially for many Floridians; however, if you utilize a ceiling fan to keep the air moving, it is noticeably more pleasant. Keeping your lifestyle in mind, finding ways to keep the temperature up during the day saves a sizable chunk of cost on your electric bill.


Thermostat settings for sleep are drastically different. During cooler months, keeping it lower not only saves money, but statistically shows an ability to improve your quality of sleep. When it is warmer, much like during the day, try to maintain 78 degrees and again explore how to adjust accordingly.  


Adjust When Leaving Home

The atmosphere of your home can and should be treated differently when you and your family are there versus when you are not. If your house is completely vacant for most of the work day, a warmer temperature that reaches the 80-degree range can be acceptable, yet this method comes with important lifestyle considerations.


First, do you have pets, and what kind? They don’t come with you to the office, so they will be subject to whatever you set your thermostat to while humans are absent. To focus just on cats and dogs, they require a general range of 74 to 78 degrees, so flirting with the 80s might be out of the question in this case.


And second, how humid is your hometown? Obviously, our Florida customers are fully aware that the sunshine state is damp, especially in the warmer months. In lieu of this characteristic, a heat and air conditioning unit that manages humidity will better facilitate leaving the house temperature up while you are away.


Experts On Both

There are a lot of factors to consider, and we completely understand! That’s why our highly trained team of heating and cooling professionals here at Air Rescue want to help you find the ideal AC temperature.


For further advice on how you can maximize your AC unit to your comfort and cost advantage, contact us here or call at 813-358-3431.