In part due to the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, both the real estate market has spiked well into 2021. Individuals all across the country began to buy and sell homes of all varying sizes, taking the opportunity afforded by a global lockdown to renovate dated aspects of their dwelling and relocate to their next house.


With no sign of slowing down, it is imperative that buyers and sellers of real estate understand why having a thorough, professional inspection done to their homes is key, with a specific emphasis on a check of their air conditioning, heating, ductwork, and ventilation.


An HVAC check-up is something that any home buyer should consider before signing their papers, and likewise, home sellers should be aware of the tremendous value that proper HVAC maintenance facilitates. We at Air Rescue wish to explore the benefits of a quality HVAC system for both buyers and sellers here for your education.


Cost Savings for Buyers  

Unexpected repair costs can really halt the purchase of your perfect home. Heaving basement walls, curling shingles, and worn windows are among those costs; however, most overlook the internal mechanics while distracted by those more obvious structural ones.


A new HVAC system easily amounts to $10,000 or more; a necessary evil that most first time and seasoned home buyers don’t consider in their savings. Requesting an HVAC inspection on a home you wish to buy eases this stress and prepares you for an unexpected cost.


All that needs to be disclosed about a home’s HVAC system is whether or not it is operational. The quality of the system varies, so consider the system’s age, the make and model of the equipment, whether it is central air or forced air, and even the system’s service history.


Increased Value for Sellers

As a homeowner looking to sell, the goal is to maximize the value of your home in every way possible. Spending money when trying to sell is not always an easy endeavor, though rest assured that covering all these bases will make you money in return!


Odds are, a prospective buyer is going to bring their own inspection of your HVAC system to the table. Yet having your own results eliminates any deal-breaking surprises by pre-solving a problem before it becomes a problem in the closing process.


Even as you live in the home, do not neglect your HVAC until you decide to list it. Not only does a clean, properly operating system save you money in efficiency, it is this type of preventative maintenance that keeps your system ready for when the day comes that you do choose to sell!


Professional Inspection Services for All!

A professional HVAC inspection helps both buyers and sellers, and Air Rescue handles it all! From cost-effective general inspection to ductwork cleaning and more, there is no HVAC service we cannot provide for you.


For further information about what we check during HVAC inspections, or to schedule an inspection yourself, contact us here or call at 813-358-3431.