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Finding the right temperature for your air conditioner while you are away can be confusing. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision, including how long you will be gone, what time of day it is when you’re leaving, and where in the country you live. The air conditioner is a big part of the Florida lifestyle, but it could be dangerous to have too high or too low of an AC setting. If you set your A/C way below what’s comfortable for you and turn up all the vents on full blast, it might cause furniture damage due to drying out wood. Warping can also happen if there are any changes in humidity levels throughout moisture-high states like FL. When humid conditions change into less moist climates with cool temperatures, water inside molecules evaporate – so this means your home may start smelling musty as well!


The perfect temperature 

The Florida Solar Energy Center conducted a study to determine the perfect temperature setting for your home when you go away. The conclusion was that an air conditioner set at around 85 degrees is appropriate for most short-term vacation situations, but it’s important to note that this research took place in humid Florida and so may not be as accurate if implemented elsewhere.


Consider a programmable thermostat 

One way to reduce your energy bill year-round and ensure your house is the proper temperature while you’re away is by installing a programmable thermostat. These devices are inexpensive and easy to install, but they offer significant benefits that can make the installation worth it in the long run. For example, you could set up your machine’s computer so that when everyone (including pets) leaves for work or school during weekdays, it automatically switches down from 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22ºC) to 68°F(20 º C). If you close all of your curtains while no one’s home during these hours or while on vacation as well then this strategy will be doubly successful at saving money on heating costs over time!


Check the weather

Keep in mind the unpredictable nature of weather before you go on vacation. Check for a local forecast and think about whether or not to turn your A/C off – if it will be mostly mild, then turning the A/C off may make sense since there is less risk that heat buildup indoors can happen; however, if forecasts are predicting scorching temperatures, leaving your air conditioner running might help prevent wear-and-tear on any cooling appliances by compensating for high indoor temperatures as well as helping maintain more comfortable living conditions inside with lower humidity levels. If you have pets at home during periods of hot weather (such as when using an AC), take into consideration how they react to varying degrees of temperature.

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